Constantinos Sietto

Associate Professor

Supervisor of Master-level Thesis (7-th level European Qualification Framework)

36. Torben  Settmacher, Data-Driven modelling and analysis of neuronal dynamics , 5-th year Thesis,  2024, UNINA, Erasmus Program: co-supervision with Prof. Jens Starke, Institute of Mathematics, University of Rostock, Germany.

35. Noah Steidle, Using Diffusion Maps to recover orthogonal equivalent tensors, 5-th year Thesis, 2024, UNINA, Erasmus Program: co-supervision with Prof. André Uschmajew, Chair of Mathematical Data Science, University of Augsburg, Germany.

34. Fabiani Gianluca, Reconstruction of Partial Differential Equations from data with Machine Learning, 5-th year Thesis, UNINA, 2020. Then PhD student and Scuola Superiore Meridionale, University of Naples Federico II.

33. Dr. Galaris Evangelos, Localization of  Brain Sources from EEG  recordings: the LORETA Approach, 5-th year Thesis, NTUA, 2018. Then PhD student at UNINA.

32. Chatzinikolas Savvas, The Dynamical Causal Modelling (DCM) Approach for Modelling the Effective Connectivity from fMRI recordings, 5-th year Thesis, 2018.

31. Dagre Katerina,  Stochastic Simulation and Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Neurpercolation Dynamics in Cellular Automata, 5-th year Thesis, 2018.

30. Kotsantis Theodoros, SpatioTemporal Analysis of fRMI data of Human Brain Activity using the General Linear Model, 5-th year Thesis, 2018.

29. Tsikonofilos Konstantinos, Alterations in the Functional Connectivity of Brain Activity of Healthy Young Subjects from  Resting State fMRI Recording Caused by the Administration of a Cognitive Enhancer, 5-th year Thesis, 2017. Then MSc in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College London.

28. Deftereou Xenia, Computer Simulation and Analysis of the Dynamics of Stochastic Microscopic Models with the aid of Statistical Mechanics and Bifurcation Theory, 5-th year Thesis, 2017.

27. Christopoulos Panagiotis, Computational Analysis of the Convolution Geometry of the Co-Movement of Financial Stocks with Manifold Learning Algorithms, 5-th year Thesis, 2017.

26. Mpouliari Ismini, Linear and Nonlinear Data Reduction Methods for Big Data, 5-th year Thesis, 2017.

25. Chatziapostolakis Christos, Development of Computational Methods based on Machine and Manifold learning for the Prediction of Network Routes from Online Data Mining, 5-th year Thesis, 2017.

24. Giamarelos Nikos, Modeling, Computational analysis and Design of a Control System for the Dynamics of the Mitotic Cell Cycle of the Eukaryotic Cell Xenopus laevis, 5-th year Thesis, 2016.

23. Dr. Gallos Ioannis, Computational Analysis of the Functional Connectivity of fMRI  Brain Signals using Indepedent Component Analysis (ICA) and Nonlinear Dimensionality Reduction with ISOMAP, 5-th year Thesis, 2016. Then, PhD student at NTUA.

22. Oflidi Genovefa, Connecntivity Analysis of Time Series with Granger Causality and Directed Transfer Functions, 5-th year Thesis, 2016.

21. Dr. Almpanis Evangelos, Computational Methods of Causality from fMRI data, Master Thesis, 2015-2016. Then Ph.D. student at NTUA. Then  Post-Doctoral Researcher  at "DEMOKRITOS" National Center for Scientific Research

20. Mpasios Fotis, Computational Analysis of the Causal Connectivity of Brain Signals Dynamics using the Phase Slope Index, 5-th year Thesis, 2015.

19. Vatikiotis Fotis, Modelling and Computational Analysis of  Events Path Analysis: Web Site Analytics, 5-th year Thesis, 2015. (In collaboration with Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya).

18. Schizas Dimitris, Development of a Web-Text Mining Methodology for Polarity Analysis, 5-th year Thesis, 2014.

17. Katsilieris Mihalis, Modelling, Extraction of Closed Forms of ODEs based on Statistical Mechanics Techniques and Bifurcation Analysis of Stochastic Individual-based Dynamics evolving on Complex Networks, 5-th year Thesis, 2014.

16. Kaspiris-Rousselis Christos, Development of an Integrative Digital System for the Computational Analysis of Human Perception of the 3-D Space with the aid of Virtual Reality, 5-th year Thesis, 2014. Then PhD student, Newcastle University, UK .

15. Eyaggelidis Ioannis, Computational Analysis of Brain Time Series for the Construction of Functional Connectivity Networks with the method of Mutual Information, 5-th year Thesis, 2014.

14. Dr. Manias Dimitris, Computational Bifurcation Analysis of the Dynamics of Diffusion Flames with Radiation, Master Thesis, 2013-2014. Then PhD student at NTUA. Then Post-Doctoral Researcher at  Khalifa University.

13. Nikolaos Bosinas, Computational Simulation of Transient Behaviour of Spherical Combustion Flames, Master Thesis, 2013-2014.

12. Dr. Papaioannou Panagiotis, Modelling and Prediction of Foreign Exchange Rates using Nonlinear Dynamics Techniques and Social Microblogging Web Platforms, 5-th year Thesis, 2013. Then, PhD student at UNINA.

11. Karageorgopoulos Dimitris, Computational Analysis of the Functional Connectivity from EEG signals using Partial Directed Coherence Methods, Master Thesis, 2011-2012.

10. Dr. Pashalidi Zoe, Modelling and Simulation of Wild-land Fires in Large-Scale Heterogeneous Landscapes with Cellular Automata, 5-th year Thesis,  2011. Then, Ph.D. student at the Rheinisches Institut für Umweltforschung an der Universität zu Köln, Germany.

9. Dr. Protopapa Foteini, Computational Analysis of  Cognition Dynamics from EEG using Time-Frequency Transformations, Master Thesis, 2010-2011.  Then Ph.D. student at NTUA. Then Post-doc at SISSA, Trieste, Italy.

8. Karalis Dimitris, Modelling, Computational Analysis and Control of Fuel Cell Polymeric Dynamics, 5-th year Thesis, 2009. Then, PhD student at Cornell University, USA.

7. Dr. Reppas Andreas, Modelling and Computational Analysis of Dynamical Epidemiological Networks, Master Thesis, 2008-2009. Then, PhD. student NTUA. Then, Max-Planck-Institut für Informatik Computational Biology and Applied Algorithmics, Germany. Then,  TU Dresden

6. Dr. Korda Alexandra, Computational Analysis  of the Dynamics of Neuro-Biophysical Models on Complex Networks, 5-th year Thesis, 2008. Then, PhD student at NTUA.

5. Spiliopoulos Geroge, Modelling and Simulation of Frost-Protection Techniques using Computational Fluid Dynamics, 5-th year Thesis, 2008.

4. Dr. Spiliotis Konstantinos, Computational Simulation of Neuronal  Dynamics Evolving on Complex Networks with Biophysical Models, Master Thesis, 2007-2008. Then, PhD. student NTUA. Then, Post-Doc, University of Cyprus, University of Naples, Rostock University

3. Dr. Mylonas Dimitris, Computational Analysis of Epidemic Models: from the Atomistic Interactions to the Macroscopic Dynamics, 5-th year Thesis, 2007. Then PhD student  at NTUA.

2. Dr. Matzalis Dimitris, Optimization of Car Aerodynamics using Comsol/ Mutliphysics, 5-th year Thesis, 2006-2007. Then PhD at Cranfield University, UK.

1. Dr. Seih Al Basatena, Modelling and Computational Analysis of Virus Dynamics: from the Molecular Interactions to the Emergent Dynamics, 5-th year Thesis, 2006. Then, MCs in Applied Mathematics, Oxford University. Then, Ph.D. student at Imperial College, UK.

3-rd year Theses
1. Lo Conte Enrico, Manifold Learning Methods for Non-Linear Dimensionality Reduction, 3-rd year Thesis, UNINA, 2020.